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Two 1-acre freehold lot

available for purchase




Properties at

Dere Bay

on the beautiful island of Koro, Fiji


Co-broke Commission




1-acre ocean front freehold land

1-acre ocean view

freehold land




The opportunity of a lifetime awaits you at this unique lot on Koro Island, one of 322 Fijian islands, with over 800 freehold acres of lush, tropical landscape and four miles of white sand beach. This historic and serene property on the northwestern end of Koro Island boasts numerous stunning vantage points to enjoy the magnificent sunsets, trade winds, and gaze out at the Koro Sea from all directions, with views reaching Matana Bay, Nola Point, South Beach, and much more. From your property, you can observe over 162 species of birds—including the famed Koro parrot—dozens of species of butterflies, geckos, and 360 degrees of hardwood trees such as mangrove, palm, and bamboo. Custard apple trees, bananas, wild pineapple, and breadfruit all grow wild, as well as the renowned kava crop that is prized by local Fijians for their ceremonial drink, Yagona. Before stargazing a clear night sky, meander to natural springs and waterfalls where crayfish are plentiful, and bask in the endless views. From July to October, witness the annual migration of dolphins, turtles, and humpback whales. While the terrain is pure, untouched paradise, the pristine waters beyond offer incredible visibility of the white sand below, a mosaic of marine life, and world-class diving and snorkeling.

Two 1-acre lots (freehold)




A volcanic, 42-square mile island in the Lomaiviti Archipelago, Koro was praised by Captain William Bligh (of Mutiny on the Bounty fame) as a place of beauty so great, that nothing can exceed it. Dere Bay is an idyllic slice of land on Koro Island’s northwest side, Koro is one of the most fertile islands in the Fiji chain with unlimited clean spring water. The reefs just offshore protect the beaches and are teeming with marine life such as moray eels, eagle rays, barracuda, reef sharks, and tropical fish large and small. Seabound adventurers can find some of the best diving, water skiing, deep sea diving, and snorkeling in the South Pacific, while the white sand beaches and calm, swimmable waters provide a relaxing backdrop for simply kicking up your heels and lapping up the off-the-grid lifestyle. Ferry services provide connections from the islands of Suva and Vanua Levu, and schooners are available for lease from Savu Savu. Koro can be reached by air via Suva, with the Koro airstrip just 30-minutes from Dere Bay, or by sea plane.


The waters just to the west of Koro Island are nicknamed the Bligh Waters, after Captain William Bligh of Mutiny on the Bounty fame. It was Captain Bligh, post-mutiny, as he escaped in a lifeboat, who made the first European passage of this body of water. A historic coconut producing farmstead, remnants of stone walls from one of the houses from the 1860s still stand. Koro Island also boasts a reconstructed 300-year old home imported from Java, Indonesia. During the second world war, U.S. forces rehearsed the proposed landing of Guantanamo on Matana Beach. Turtle lovers will delight in the calling ceremony in the village of Nacamaki, an ancient, beautiful tradition of local women chanting melodies in unison to summon giant sea turtles to the surface.


  • Land being offered for sale is freehold/fee-simple; Only 8% of all land in Fiji is freehold/fee-simple, meaning the land was originally owned by non-Fijian people, allowing it to be sold.

  • .94 freehold acres of untouched, pristine land with views of Dere Bay

  • 1 freehold acre of undeveloped beachfront on Dere Bay

  • Location | Koro Island, one of 322 Fijian islands

  • History | The waters to the west of Koro Island are historically recognized and called “Bligh Waters” after Captain Bligh, the first European who passed over this body of water after escaping mutiny

  • Local wildlife | 162 species of birds; dozens of species of butterfly; geckos; Koro parrots; moray eels; eagle rays; barracuda; reef sharks; and large and small tropical fish. From July to October dolphins, turtles, and humpback whales are migrating, offering great opportunity to observe their migration patterns.

  • Outdoor activity | World-class snorkeling, water skiing, diving, and swimming in crystal clear waters; Prime deep-sea fishing

  • 30 minutes from to the Koro airstrip

  • Please review the Purchase Contract for property-ownership requirements or restrictions.


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